7 Ways Small Business Can Catch Up Using Marketing Automation

Turning the tables on the big, established operators in your field can seem like an insurmountable task. But it needn’t be. Marketing automation helps us to level the playing fields, giving our small business a fighting chance against the industry titans, and helping us to make up some serious ground. Here’s how… Effortless resource coverage

7 Emotional Triggers to Improve Email Conversions

To increase email conversion rates, make your emails irresistible. Use emotional triggers to drive the readers’ attention. What are emotional triggers? Reminisce for a moment: when was the last time you purchased something after reading a sales email? What were you thinking? Can you even remember? Now, what were you feeling? You remember that, don’t

How to Include Influencer Marketing in Your Digital Strategy

Every marketer knows the struggle of creating ads that don’t overtly promote your own product. It’s nearly impossible, and becoming more difficult all the time. Consumers are more aware than ever, and increasingly fickle about what advertisements they trust. Can you really blame them? Enter influencer marketing. Harness the voices of bloggers, social media advocates,

The 14 Best Free Marketing Automation Resources for Beginners

You’ve recently made the decision to get started with marketing automation. Great! Now what? Software? (Well, yeah… may I suggest GetResponse for that?) But what else? Well, let’s think that through. Where do you need to start for marketing automation? And, what help is there for you at every major step of the journey? This post is

The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

There’s no doubt that social media is the most powerful tool of our time. It can be used to break news, sell to a target audience and communicate with customers. Every company in the Western world uses social media to some extent, but there are some glaring examples of when social media is abused rather

Secrets of Effective Online Communication [Event Recap]

How to communicate effectively online? Is there a universal path to follow when planning communication or is it industry-specific? How do you establish effective digital communication with customers based on their behavior patterns? We tried to find the answers to those questions during our exclusive networking event in Gdansk, Poland, where the GetResponse HQ is

How to COPE Your Content for Guaranteed Conversion Rates

Have you thought about increasing your Content Conversion? Along with the content marketing boom, many useful strategies for driving traffic and brand awareness have been born. One of them is called the COPE strategy: “Create Once, Publish Everywhere.” From the main concept, we can tell that it’s something that can potentially influence any business’ productivity