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Applying The Metrics: Turning Your Analytics Into Actionable Strategies

Metrics matter. That’s a fact. And thank goodness – with the billions that have been spent already on big data, not to mention the trillions and trillions that will follow, they had better matter. Otherwise, what’s it all for? There are some marketers out there who still remain a little skeptical about the impact that

Henry Diaz Case Study: Artist and Freedom-preneur

For centuries, artists have depended upon gallery owners to sell their artwork.  But today’s Internet has changed the business model, allowing them to go straight to the public. As artists embraced this model, some discovered a hidden talent for marketing and devised new ways to bring added value to a worldwide audience. In today’s case

Everything You Need to Know to Spy on Your Competition

Nobody has to tell you how competitive online marketing is. I’m sure you already know. You need every edge you can get. And while I definitely do not endorse evil tactics (negative SEO, stealing content, and all the other unbelievably nefarious stuff that goes on), I don’t recommend you ignore your competitors, either.  You need

A 20-Point Checklist to Making Guest Blogging a Big Success

The thought of guest blogging brings up two distinct sets of emotions in people. One, it sounds super exciting. Seriously, what could be more motivating than seeing your name on the leading blogs in your industry? You get inspired by it. You know you’ll be putting your names in front of hundreds and thousands of

Staying Ahead: The Future Of Link Building

  SEO is a hard game that’s getting harder all the time? Do you remember the good old days when you’d just cram as many keywords into your blog posts and be done with it? Well, I’m sure you do remember those days, though I hope you weren’t actually one of those very naughty individuals

Exclusive Interview With Joanna Wiebe From Copy Hackers

Today we sit down with Joanna Wiebe, an expert copywriter and co-founder of to talk about how copy can make or break your email marketing campaigns. We also pick Joanna’s brain and learn what you as a marketer or copywriter can do to turn your everyday work into an even greater success for your

7 Fresh Ways to Welcome Spring with Email Marketing [Infographic]

Spring is about celebrating new beginnings. That’s why we’ve prepared 7 tips that will help you start fresh and grow your business with effective email marketing campaigns. The overall idea is to reinvigorate your strategy after the long winter months and set new goals with positive attitude. Start with spring cleaning by segmenting your list