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17 Affiliate Marketing Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

Over the weekend I learned that my neighbor wants to become an affiliate marketer. He’s a contractor. Though he earns a good living through his work, he’s been learning WordPress and would like to take a shot at building an affiliate site. It got me thinking. There is an ocean of information available for how

Devising Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is a very niche social network. In fact, even calling it a social network doesn’t feel quite right. It’s a professional network, and it always has been. Whilst it’s not at all hard to see why the likes of Facebook and Twitter have become so immensely popular right across the board – from schoolchildren

Lead Generation For Beginners #FreebieMonday

Over the past year or so you probably heard the term “Content is king” echo through the internet. What’s more, you most likely already know that content is a sure way to generate email leads. While it is true that content is your key to success, there are also other ways that you can lock down

A Retailer’s Guide to Growing a High Quality Mailing List

Email marketing starts with a list! A high quality mailing list, means a more captive audience, higher open and click through rates, and most importantly there’s more chance the audience will take you up on your call-to-action. Of course, it’s not all in the list. Targeted and relevant email campaigns are a must have for

20 Ways to Repurpose a Blog Post

Content, content, content. It’s the modern marketer’s mantra, much the way real estate brokers say “location, location, location”. Trouble is, creating so much content is a lot of work. The model of Every Business As Publisher can stress out almost any small business marketer.  Fortunately, there’s a fix. Instead of creating more and more content,

9 Excuses That Keep You From Getting A Paid Client

A lot of people want to monetize their blogs, they want to help other people solve a problem that they are really good at solving. They might have the formal training and certification to do this, or the experience of working with others. They might have their own life journey where they overcame this problem

Is Facebook Advertising Really Worth It?

Your social media campaign almost invariably can be broken down into two distinct categories – your organic efforts, and your bought efforts. The aim of both games is of course first to get more ‘likes’, followers, engagement and connections, and from these to go on to acquire actual conversions in terms of subscribers and of