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How Buyer Personas Personalize Marketing Automation

Mentioning personalization and marketing automation in the same breath may at first seem like a paradox — the former describes marketing on a one-to-one basis, while the latter refers to software that helps marketers scale. Closer examination reveals that the two are linked in a significant way. Marketing automation software equips marketers with powerful targeting

50 Google+ Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

Google+ has a reputation for struggling to keep up with the other major social media platforms. However, at the moment it seems to be firmly holding its place. Social Media Examiner’s just published 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report ranks Google+ just ahead of YouTube and Pinterest in terms of adoption. It crushes Instagram, and

10 Simple Actions to Make Your Discovery Calls Lead to Sales

Are you a coach, consultant or a service provider? Are you sick and tired of trying to get people on the phone (or Skype) to get them to work with you? Are your discovery calls not resulting in paid clients? This blog post is sure to help.  Dig in and see which aspect of your

3 Great Ways To Reward Your Social Followers

Social media marketing is a game of give and take. As a marketer, it might feel like you’re constantly giving – great blog content, witty tweets, alerts to breaking news, special offers, promotions. Indeed, you may even think from time to time that you are giving your very soul to your keen and hungry followers

A Home Based Business Working Philosophy

There are many ways of working from home at a business that you create and run yourself and they don’t all revolve around the Internet. In fact, most businesses based at home have little or even nothing to do with the Internet! When you think about it, you’ll see where I’m going with this. Most

10 Popular Ways to Start a Home Business Online

There are many ways to start an online home business so you can be your own boss and not have to worry about the corporate grind anymore. Most of them can be done alone or combined to make more money. Some are more complicated than others but all can be done by just about anyone

Top Site Flipping Blog for Sale

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling one of my popular blogs and it’s an awesome deal for whoever wants to take it over. The blog is about making money online via site flipping, blog flipping, and domain flipping — All of which are highly popular ways to make money right