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The Hidden Power of the Survey Email

Marketers use a wide variety of approaches to reach prospects and customers via email. According to the 2015 National client email report by the DMA, newsletters, welcome messages, and customer surveys remain the top three ways for email marketers to achieve their campaign objectives. Let’s zoom in on the third most popular type of email:

Tips for Building a Better Internal Link Profile

Maybe now is the time to understand the difference between earning links and building links. It seems that for the last year or so, the trend has shifted from having to build links – to having to earn them with outstanding content. The concept was already introduced a long time ago, but at the time

What Have You Done For Me Lately? Why Subscribers Unsubscribe

Has anyone unsubscribed from your list lately? If no one has, you probably either have a super-tiny list or no list at all. Because every marketer – every single one – loses subscribers. We lose subscribers all the time. No matter how hard you try and how long you work, some people are just going

6 Reasons Transparency Can Engage More Readers

Today, accessing information is quicker than ever. It’s never been easier to figure out the details of people, events or even companies. After all, we’re in the internet age— where almost everything is available online and where people can find a myriad of facts by utilizing a simple search term. Between social media sites, news

Jeff Bullas, Mari Smith, and Guy Kawasaki: The 3 Giants of Social Media And Their Most Important Teachings

I don’t mind telling you that one day I would like to achieve the ‘giant of social media’ accolade that 3 of my online heroes have – Jeff Bullas, Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki. Of course I would. I am at the time of my life now where my children have all but one grown up

Measuring and Tracking Your Email Results #FreebieMonday

When you think about analytics and email, what comes to your mind? Most people will focus only on open rates and click rates. But what about other rates that could be beneficial to making your email marketing more efficient? Working on an email marketing campaign is more than just sending out messages and then looking

9 Social Media Etiquette Rules You Need to Stop Breaking

Engagement is the most meaningful metric on social media right now. It almost doesn’t matter anymore how many Facebook likes or Twitter followers you’ve got. If they’re not engaged, your ROI is probably MIA.  Unfortunately, some marketers get so focused on increasing engagement that they can come off as a bit rude. To make matters