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3 Ways To Get Your Event Trending On Twitter

Every marketing can really give your brand a boost. Done well, you can suddenly wake up one morning and find that you’ve got thousands upon thousands of new followers across all of your social networks – a gratifying reward for all your extra hard work and efforts. Done poorly, and indeed, all those extra hours,

How to Grow Your GetResponse List Using Quizzes

Viral quizzes are like an actual virus that we just can’t seem to get rid of on the Internet. No matter how sophisticated we become as a society, “Which dog are you?” will always be a quiz title that no one can resist.As marketers we need to be aware of forms of content like quizzes

You Are Emailing A Brain

Everything we see around us becomes a reality thanks to our brains. When you are sending out an email, the subscriber’s brain is where the action takes place. We normally don’t think about which part of the brain is activated by our emails. But luckily there is a science to it. Smart businesses are now

The Most Recognizable Part of Your Email: Deliverability Part VIII

In today’s part of our series I want to focus on the skeleton on an email. Moreover, a part of the skeleton that a lot of email marketers tend to ignore. I’m talking about the “From” address. It seems to me that countless senders, especially in the beginning of their career as email marketers, ignore

10-Point Checklist for Optimizing Your Google My Business Site

Marketing for local businesses is very different than marketing for digital ones. Local SEO alone is a very different beast than regular SEO. There’s also the whole world of in-store marketing to master. And the list goes on. One of the best marketing resources (aside from email, of course) for local businesses is a Google My

On Neuromarketing and Conversions – Interview with Tim Ash [+Webinar]

If you’re into conversion rate optimization, I don’t really need to introduce Tim Ash to you. But if you haven’t yet heard of him, here’s your chance to catch up – and you definitely should. Author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, CEO of SiteTuners, expert in landing page testing, Tim will be the

5 Ways to Use Inmails on LinkedIn to Win Clients

LinkedIn’s inmails are amazing things. They allow you to target anyone on LinkedIn that you’re not connected to with a focused message. Many people think that they need to write an essay or try and sell people on LinkedIn. That won’t work. The objective of LinkedIn is merely to get a meeting or skype call