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Five 2015 Online Recaps

We’re nearing the end of 2015, and boy, what a year it was! As we’re winding down and getting closer to that New Year’s bang, I’ve compiled a list of tops things to catch up before you leave work on the 31st. Ithe spirit of last week’s post about staying productive during the Holidays, I’ve

3 Bad Social Habits To Break In 2016

Following up from my 2016 predictions post last week, as we get through to the other side of Christmas and begin to count down the last remaining days and hours of yet another year at the helm of business marketing, it’s time to take stock of our strategies. I want to take a similar approach to

Turn A Single Blog Post Topic Into 12

Years ago, magazines were published once or twice a month, and they contained serialized novels – a chapter or two in each edition. The goal of the publisher was obvious – people would buy the magazine to get that next chapter, so sales remained strong. This tactic is now becoming popular with bloggers for a

InBoxing Day: 10 Tips for a Surprise Sale Email #Infographic

In many countries Boxing Day is one of the main shopping events of the year. In this blog your will find basic information about the holiday, short description of major online marketing trends, and some Boxing Day email inspiration. We have also prepared an infographic with 10 tips for a surprise sale email in order

153 Ideas for Blog Posts

It’s planning season. As 2015 closes out and 2016 rushes in, most of us look ahead to schedules, goals and resolutions. If you’re fired up to do more with your blog this year, we’d like to offer you some fuel. These blog post ideas are designed to fit with any niche – from real estate

8 Types of Blog Content You Should Publish in 2016

Are you thinking of starting a business blog in 2016? Excellent idea! (If not, go here and read this blog post I wrote earlier and maybe you’ll change your mind.) Maybe, you already run a business blog but it is not getting the kind of traction you hoped it will. You try to post consistently

3 Social Marketing Predictions For 2016

As another year draws to a close, I find myself with two options for today’s post – a look back, or a look forward. There is merit in both approaches, of course, but I have decided to go with the latter – 2015 has happened, and I sincerely hope that it happened well for you.