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Why you need a CRM + Free Business Integration Whitepaper

No matter the industry or size of a company, we all share the same goal – we want to close more deals and bring the most revenue possible. Nowadays, in order to add maximum value to your business you need to make the most of both sales and marketing. This is why, for those of

5 Psychology Hacks to Make Your Content Marketing More Persuasive

Psychology is what drives human behavior. The ways in which we interact, develop relationships, speak and listen — even how we make purchasing decisions — can all be discerned through fundamental psychological functions. The brain is the epicenter and master filter of all that we inevitably purchase, or decide against purchasing. If you’re a marketer,

How to Save Yourself A Few Hours Every Week With IFTTT

Do you know what your time is worth? If you don’t, finding out is one of the most profitable exercises you can do. It’s not hard to do, either. Just tally up what you earn every month, then divide by how many hours it took you to earn it. Once you know what your time

5 HR Infographics to Start Your Day

A morning routine can help you harness all those little things that make your day productive. One activity I highly recommend is to enjoy a daily dose of inspirational writings. Are you in? Then make yourself comfortable, because we’ve got five inspiring ideas for you today. Grab a sip of coffee and find out what’s

5 Time-Saving Services For Small Business Owners On A Budget

Time versus money. It’s the eternal dilemma. Balancing those two precious resources can be a challenge. For a lot of us, when we’ve got some money, we tend to be short on time. When we’ve got enough time, we find ourselves short on money. Unfortunately, many of us feel short on both fronts all the time.

How to run a Facebook ad and build your list for $10 a day (Part II)

Want to dive into the world of Facebook advertising? Great! In this post, I’m going to teach you how to create your first Facebook ad (using power editor) if you are brand new to the world of paid traffic, or fill in some of those pesky gaps in information which is preventing you from investing in paid

New Research on How to Get More Facebook Engagement

Facebook marketing gets more complicated all the time. A few years ago, all you had to worry about was getting likes. Then likes became less meaningful. Organic reach became the goal. Organic reach fell off around 2014, when Facebook did its famous switcheroo and knocked organic reach down to single digits for most publishers. Now,