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Don’t Let Your Message Get Lost in Translation – Key Insights on Localization

Successful communication between people is a delicate and quite complex process. Not only does it require some charisma, but a balanced level of empathy as well. What do I mean exactly when saying “successful communication?” In terms of marketing, it really boils down to one key point: to encourage the recipient of your message to

Marketing Automation: Prepare For The Perfect Tool (New Release Info Available)

Marketing automation has been a hot topic, on the minds of most marketers around the world, for some time now. Many of them still think of it as a tool reserved for big companies, huge marketing budgets, and advanced marketers. What if we told you there’s a tool flexible enough that it can be adjusted

How to Tell if Republishing Your Posts is a Good Idea – or Not

There are a few things every blogger wants more of. Stuff like time. Money. A bigger audience. This post is about the audience part. How to get more exposure, or “reach” for your blog posts. Because even if you publish great content, if no one sees it, you’re not a whole lot better off. That’s why

3 Ingredients For High-Converting Confirmation Pages And Emails

Everybody wants a high-converting landing page. And for good reason. The “fastest way to boost [online] results” isn’t increasing your marketing budget, launching a slick new social strategy, or even partnering with a mega influencer. No, what your site really needs to drive bottom-line results are landing pages that get clicked. Here’s the problem: if

SEO Housekeeping: The Beginner’s Guide To Quick DIY SEO Audits

As a marketer, you will be more than aware of the pressing demands of SEO. Indeed, you will no doubt already have an extremely thorough and (what you hope is a) really good strategy for ensuring that your website is always moving in the right direction (up) Google’s search rankings. You’ll be growth hacking and

8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

Twitter is one of the most important tools available. Like it or not, the platform has changed the foundation of consumer interaction and has taken center stage amongst other social media communities. The extremely public platform makes it easy for anyone to access, and using the social network strategically can immediately expand your overall business

The Future Of Customer Experience: How To Adapt For Millennials, Gen Z, And Beyond

The real force behind new technology growth isn’t on Wall Street. It’s not even with the Silicon Valley VCs.  In actuality, it is the bottom line millennial dollar that guides the production of a dominant chunk of tech devices and various related online services. Defined as having been born in the 1980s or 1990s and