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The Psychology Behind High-Converting Landing Pages

So you have built a landing page for your site that observes the best practices to maximize your conversion rate. After having the page published for a period of time, you must be asking yourself – Are visitors clicking on that big button slapped on your page? Are they filling out your sign-up form? How are they behaving

20 Customer Experience Statistics You Need To Know

Today’s digitally empowered customers have both high expectations and the ability to interact with brands when — and how — they want. They spend the majority of their money on companies that make them feel valued or catered to. As a result, if a brand wants to be successful, the customer experience has to be

3 Secure Ways To Communicate Passwords (And Why It Matters)

In software development, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to outsource some work. Especially as you grow. You might need a pesky plugin altered, or you need help with an enterprise-level software integration. At some point, you’ll need to supply access to an off-site contractor. What’s the safest way to do that? Let me tell you

10 Proven Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement Rates – And Why They May Not Be Enough

Have you heard how likes don’t really matter anymore? That Facebook followers are worthless? It’s not fun news to hear if you’re a social media marketer, but most of the best social marketers have known this for awhile. They’ve been at too many meetings where senior staff demanded to know what those followers were worth.

Riding The Rio Wave: Planning Your Olympics 2016 Marketing Campaign

It almost feels as if I’m talking about Christmas in September as I start to write this post – but, just as with our winter marketing campaigns, the better prepared we are, the better results we’re likely to achieve. And so, there are precisely 72 days left (on date of publication) to prepare our marketing

Boosting Employee Morale: 5 HR Tips

I once asked my colleague: “have you ever wondered what is it that really makes people happy at work?” He put down his morning coffee and answered smirking: “Yep! Money and even more money” Fair enough – I thought to myself – sounds legit. Yet I wouldn’t be myself if didn’t question that, because I found

Email Testing 101: 9 A/B Tests You Can Start Today To Skyrocket Your Results

Despite social media’s blazing popularity – not to mention the rise of all things “app” – one fact remains certain: email marketing is still the reigning marketing champ. After reviewing cumulative data earlier this month Martin Zhel from MainMunch lays it out plain: If you have 2,000 email subscribers, 2,000 Facebook fans and 2,000 followers on