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Video In Emails – Taking Interactivity To The Next Level

Video in emails has been the forbidden fruit amongst email marketers since the past decade. Even though 81% of marketers wish to implement video in their future emails, only 23% are inclined to do so. Even though most email clients wanted to be associated with it in 2013; but now with Google backing out, only

How Marketing Automation Can Benefit Your Online Business

Time management is perhaps the single most important skill for an entrepreneur to learn. If you run an online business, you know that there’s always plenty to do. In order to work smarter – not just harder – you need to learn how to define goals, break them down into tasks, and prioritize. You also

15 Facebook Ads That Worked For Online Businesses And Why

Are you looking to run Facebook ads in your business? Maybe you have been using the power of Facebook ads for a while but aren’t hitting the numbers you hoped for? I’m here to help. In this blog post, I am going to share with you a bunch of ads which I believe to have gotten great results.

The Science Behind Marketing Automation Planning Success

If you’ve been working with marketing automation technologies for any period of time, you’ve probably experienced working on a project that felt like a complete disaster….  scope out of control, deadlines routinely missed, campaigns sputtering, executives slashing resources and team members at each other’s throats! Trust me, we’ve all been there. According to a study

How Marketing Is Adjusting To The IoT

Marketing is changing, and not because of social media. Marketing is changing because of the growth of the Internet of Things. By tapping into the power of smart technology, today’s marketers are becoming increasingly effective and engaged with their target audiences. The Internet of Things, that growing body of connected devices, sensors and other technology

Millennial Consumer Trends

“Millennials,” generally defined as individuals born sometime between the early 1980s and 2000, are a different sort of consumer than their Generation X predecessors.  For this reason, millennials require research in order for businesses to understand how best to target this generation. And studying millennial consumer trends is worth it:  By 2020, spending by millennials

Three Email Customization Tactics for Ecommerce Domination

When it comes to everyday conversations, we naturally communicate differently with different people based on the differences in our relationships with them as well as their own differences in personality. That was a mouthful of an opening sentence … so let me simplify things. In a word, we customize. The same principle is true in business.