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5 Tips to Stay On Top Of Social Media Efforts During The Holiday Hustle

Want to steamroll your competition (ahem!) hands down this holiday season? Easy. Pull out all the stops on your social media efforts. Pronto.  Now, I am no social media pundit, but going by’s report, social media is going be the hand that could rock your holiday sales’ cradle this season. No kidding! In fact, according to Deloitte,

How Different Office Settings Affect Employee Productivity

Today’s savvy business owners are not leaving anything to chance, especially since everything that they do has a specific reasoning behind it. From hiring the top people in the industry to hold specific jobs in their company, to making sure all staff members have the appropriate ergonomic office furniture and resources needed to complete their

5 Entrepreneurial Skills That Foster a Culture of Accountability

A lot of ink has been spilled on the subject of success and the skills you need to achieve it. Let me start with what seemed to be the truest of all: there is no shortcut to success. And entrepreneurs know this best. To accomplish goals effectively, one needs hard work, patience, and time, among

Optimizing Marketing Automation For Success: Kath Pay Webinar Recap

In a recent GetResponse webinar, Kath Pay discussed optimizing marketing automation programs for success. What does optimizing your marketing automation program mean? Testing, always testing, different aspects of your program so you get the best results possible. And not ad hoc testing, one and done. But strategically, consistently testing the different aspects of your marketing

A Guide to Decentralizing Your Content Strategy

Around what does your content marketing strategy primarily revolve? I’m going to take a well-educated guess – your blog. Am I right? Having been in the content marketing game for many years now – first and foremost as a blogger – I have been living by the promise that if I write quality articles for

Your GetResponse Webinars – Now Mobile!

More and more, people are stepping away from their desks and removing the chains a desktop computer or even a laptop once kept tightly wound around them. Reaching an audience, no matter the device or method they prefer, is key to gaining and keeping their attention. This is now more true than ever for your

Why Marketing Automation Is Worth the Cost?

Perhaps you’re a grassroots marketer; you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, you understand the lay of the land, and you have a wealth of resources to draw upon as you connect as many people as possible with your products. What’s more, you get results. Your methods work and – while they’re somewhat