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The Marginal Gains Approach to Improving Productivity

I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree that achieving a mere 1% improvement in any given metric is not something that’s worth getting too excited about. Indeed, striving for such a minute enhancement in the first place might, quite understandably, leave you wondering – why bother at all? For surely the more sensible, ambitious and lucrative

How to Turn Your Automation Talent into Dynamic Career Opportunities

Automation is one of the most in-demand skills in marketing and all of business heading into 2017. That has big career implications for professionals who have acquired and honed relevant skills in recent months and years. More and more businesses are realizing the potential value in a streamlined, well-automated marketing operation. Demand for this talent

One Easy (and Easy-to-Overlook) Way for Marketers to Adopt the Customer Mindset

Marketing personas? Check. Customer data? Check. Strategy? Check. Deep understanding of your product or service and the problem it solves? Yep. Empathy for the customer? Absolutely. Sweet marketing automation platform? Of course you’ve got that, too! You’re armed with all of the above—all the things you need to create the kind of nurturing campaigns that

How Brands Use Video to Boost Awareness

What is brand awareness and how does it affect your larger business? As it turns out, it affects things a great deal. According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of people said that shared values were the main reason why they had a relationship with a brand in the first place. Regardless of the industry that

How to Use a Knowledge Base to Grow Your Social Presence

I can’t think of a day when I didn’t check my Facebook, let alone the other social channels like Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and what not. Social media is not a trend anymore, it has become a habit and a way of life. If we analyze the involvement of social media in our day to day

Join us for our upcoming webinar: Getting Started with Landing Pages

Email list-building lies at the center of many online businesses nowadays. If you consider your sales process as a funnel, interaction with a lead starts right after acquiring it. GetResponse users know this too. That’s why they value landing pages as one of their most important tools for acquiring leads. In fact, on a worldwide

How to Overcome Responsive Email Design Stumbling Blocks

Over the years, ‘responsive’ has become a buzz word. Whether it’s a website or an email, it has become an absolute necessity. According to Ascend2, email marketing is being used by 82% of companies.  However, it cannot be said with surety as to how many of them are properly aware of responsive email designs and