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10 Reasons Why Cloud-Based CRM Systems Are Great for Business

You can’t debate the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) tools for both large and small businesses. It has grown to become a strong platform for maintaining good customer relationships. As a result, most businesses have invested in world-class software to maintain and enhance the efficiency of their CRM systems. One of the emerging trends

Essential Techniques the World’s Largest Corporations Use to Keep Their Marketing Automation Campaigns Humming Along

Did you know that there are 11 times more B2B organizations using marketing automation today than there were in 2011? It’s true. As surprising as that statistic might be, in other ways, it’s not hard to believe. After all, marketing automation works, so a lot of corporations are jumping on board. Take Oracle as an

The Customer is Always Right: Listen and Build Your Brand

What’s the best way to learn what people really think about you? Find out what they say when you’re out of the room. This is one of the best – but least understood – ways in which social media can help you to make your business better. Embrace criticism For many business owners, the rise

Email Subject Lines: Specific Is the New Short

For years now the best practice for writing email subject lines has been “keep it short”. This became even more important when more and more people started reading their emails on mobile devices. But – when you look at the data – does this advice really hold true? I have numbers that say something a

The All-New GetResponse [New Release Info Available]

We love sharing our news with you. And today’s announcement is huge, because you’re about to see the all-new GetResponse! This summer, you’ll experience an entirely different version of your favorite platform – now your command center for all your online marketing. Want to take a look inside?   Why the change? You’ve probably noticed we

Driving Leads with LinkedIn: 4 Lead Magnet Strategies to Grow Your Marketing Automation

In my last article, I mentioned the importance of not adding every brand-new connection to your email list (without their permission). However, it is a good practice to send a message with a (valuable) lead magnet to anyone who invited you to connect. Let’s dive a little deeper into this strategy. 1. Lead magnet & responding

Four Unconventional Ways to Improve Conversion Rates

Most people reading this blog already know several techniques that will improve conversion rates on their landing pages. The most common technique is A/B split testing. That’s where you test one version of a landing page (version A) and compare the results against a second version of the landing page (version B). You might test