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6 Ways Email Marketers Sabotage Their Would-Be Brilliant Campaigns

Email represents a potential powerhouse for marketers; however, many newbies are their own worst enemies when it comes time to run their campaigns. Sure, email marketing has an insane ROI and can generate forty times more customers than social media. But that’s doesn’t mean that your campaigns are foolproof from the word “go.” Think of the

Winning Content Marketing: Commitment & Investment in Audience 2017

Content marketing. Marketing automation. Email marketing. Does your company manage these as separate channels? Many do. But they all have one central concept in common: your audience’s needs. And that’s a big challenge: who, exactly, is your audience? Being able to answer that question, and know what your audience values, is the key to creating

Keep People Onsite: Content Trails and Functional Sites

The sales funnel helps pull people to your website and guides them down the content trail to a point where they can feel comfortable purchasing the things they need from you. However, there’s a little more to the process than drawing them down the funnel, to keep people onsite. Maintaining a functional site, giving your

How to Stay Smart: 4 Ways to Keep Up With an Evolving World

If you work in the marketing, technology or Internet industries, one thing is sure: your day-to-day isn’t boring. Rapid advances in technology mean adapting on the fly is commonplace. That puts your days anywhere on the scale between entertaining and exhilarating. But I know the other side of that coin is your day-to-day work life

How to Onboard New Customers with Welcome Emails

“You had me at hello” – said Dorothy to Jerry, after his slightly long but heart-warming speech in the Jerry Maguire movie. Now tell me, which of us marketers doesn’t crave such a reaction to their welcome message? Well, things don’t look bad at all. In fact, welcome emails outperform most marketing messages, achieving average

5 Changes That Can Increase Your Website Visitor Conversions

You have your e-commerce website up and running, with all of the products you want to sell ready. Now you’re just waiting for the visitors to your site to make the final step and convert into a sale. It’s very important to maximize the amount of people who purchase as getting people to merely view

6 Untapped Opportunities in Ecommerce (That Will Become Huge Soon)

Remember 1994? I don’t. But apparently, it was a significant year. On August 11, 1994, a US Internet startup called Net Market performed the world’s very first secure online transaction, which marked the beginning of the ecommerce era as we know it. And what was sold? You’ll never guess — it was the latest Sting