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How to Successfully Create a Mobile App Retargeting Strategy

You might think that the goal of creating an app is to get people to download it. But that’s only one part of successful app development. If you want your app to stay popular and profitable, then you’ll have to make sure people keep using it. Maybe that sounds strange to you. After all, people

Selecting A Marketing Automation Solution – An Interview With Cathy McKnight

Selecting today’s marketing technology solutions is no easy task. From content management, to email, marketing automation, social media, and analytics, sometimes it feels like we need a university master’s degree in software selection. Marketing automation is, notably, one of the most important tools that today’s content marketer can deploy. As we’ve concluded before in the

4 Ways to Use Email Campaigns Outside of Marketing

A 2015 MarketingSherpa study shows that consumers prefer to engage with companies via email rather than other channels like social or phone. If you’re not sending emails to your customers, you’re missing out on a big opportunity (and we should probably have an entirely different conversation), but if you only send promotional emails, you’re underutilizing

3 Common Email A/B Testing Pitfalls – and How To Avoid Them

When creating content for an email, it’s tempting to guess what your audience will respond to. But that’s not necessarily the best approach – especially if you’re emailing multiple contact lists. Different audiences have different preferences, which can affect your email metrics and conversions. So how can you turn the tide? Try A/B testing (if

Internet of Things: Tips About Your Next Marketing Plans

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inevitable technology that has already integrated with our lives very quickly. It offers everything you need in a more secure world. This technology has made sure that the world connects even better than before. As every new technology sets up new standards and challenges for everyone. A huge

The Formula for Content Marketing Automation ROI [webinar recap]

Michael Brenner, CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, author of The Content Formula, and international keynote speaker, was the host of a recent Automation Hub webinar. In this webinar, Brenner discussed several formulas that will help marketing professionals identify and calculate ROI for their content marketing efforts. Marketers today need to remember that marketing has

Marketing Persona vs UX Persona

As a marketer making a transition into user experience (UX), I had observed many interesting overlaps between the two disciplines as well as some divisive differences. While marketers and UX designers share a few tools in their toolboxes, clarifying the differences in their approaches can help resolve conflicts and reduce redundancies. After all, marketers and