6 Reasons Transparency Can Engage More Readers

Today, accessing information is quicker than ever. It’s never been easier to figure out the details of people, events or even companies. After all, we’re in the internet age— where almost everything is available online and where people can find a myriad of facts by utilizing a simple search term.

Between social media sites, news outlets, and search engines, the level of transparency that people are expecting, both as employees and clients, has never been higher. Although this can be a challenge, it’s also something that company’s can utilize to help them to truly connect with their customers like never before.

While the exact level of transparency that a company chooses depends on their business, culture and structure, there is definitely a benefit to being open and honest with ones readers, including customers and prospects. More specifically, this can equate to creating a solid foundation of trust that can affect everything from customer lifecycle longevity to closing initial deals.

But the real question is, how can this transparency help your brand and in the end, engage even more readers? There are a number of ways, including:


1. Building a Sense of Trust

Think about the best types of relationships in your life. Usually, it’s much more than just a great connection.You trust in their decisions and who they are— that they’re honest, open and will tell you whatever needs to be said if there’s a need for it to be communicated. In this same way, as a brand, a sense of trust is built with your readers when you let them into your story. By extending a similar courtesy as you would to your friends or even colleagues— as well as being open about your wins, challenges and struggles— you’ll not only build stronger relationships, you’ll give your readers the desire to hear more.


2. You’re Telling Your Own Story

By taking control and writing about your journey— whether that means discussing challenges you’ve faced as a business, exciting accomplishments or obstacles you’ve overcome— you’re telling your story by the person(s) that know best. Whether your goal is to connect with more customers, prospects or even employees, your audience will respond more strongly to something that is written utilizing a firsthand account. In other words, what has affected you and how, straight from the horse’s mouth. Not only does this make your writing more appealing, it also allows you to share and describe your experiences in a way that only you can.


3. People Connect with Real

Especially when it comes to business, your audience wants to hear specifics. That means data, case studies, and a number of examples that can help them to make more informed decisions and learn from your accomplishments and struggles in the past. Regardless of the subject matter, people can tell when something is crafted for PR value, simply to take up space or solely to promote your brand. They want to hear about actual people, places and events— all of which can help to garner more consistent readership and even subscribers.


4. Valuable Advice

When you tell your own story and freely discuss problems you’ve faced, issues you’ve overcome, the things you’ve done right, and what you wish you would have done differently, you have the ability to tell a complete story. What’s more, the story that you tell becomes that much more compelling because you’re utilizing your own journey to offer up examples and results. Beyond that, you can give other companies, customers and colleagues great advice that could have only come from experiencing things yourself. Ultimately, this is the content that they’ll want to read regularly and more, that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.


5. People Want More

Not only do people want a higher level of transparency, they’re starting to expect it. The fact is, if you’re being honest and engaging, of course your audience will want to hear more. This can include additional information about what you’re experiencing, future plans, overcoming obstacles, etc. Look at the best blogs, newsletters, or marketing collateral out there— one of the things they’ll probably all have in common? An aim to truly bring value to the table for their readers, giving them more of what they want and delivering engaging content to keep their audience coming back for more. By giving people the inside scoop and insight into what it’s like to be your shoes, you’ll not only create a greater capacity to connect, your audience will be more apt to tune in next time.


6. Transparency Means Thought-Leadership

In the end, no matter what industry you’re in, being a thought-leader in your space will always be the ultimate goal. After all, more ideas and innovative thinking is what moves the needle for companies, attracting additional site visitors, helping with more conversions and increasing your number of regular readers. By being willing to share your journey as a business, you have the ability to back up any thoughts, ideas or changes you’ve made in your business with your own data. Likewise, being transparent allows you to deliver new ideas and analysis on the state of your industry with an insight that many others are either unwilling to share or unable to provide.


An Open Book

Let’s face it— being a completely open book is a pretty challenging task, and one that few companies have decided to embark on at that. But gaining the trust of your readership and maintaining strong relationships doesn’t have to be an all or nothing feat. As a company, it’s imperative that each business make the decision about how open they’re willing to be and whether or not it’s a fit for them.

Just remember, being transparent and forthcoming about everything from accomplishments to PR nightmares can end up working in your favor. Most people respect when someone takes responsibility for the decisions that they make and more, when they hear it from the source first.

So whether you have a list with thousands of blog subscribers, or are trying to get steady email blasts in circulation for your brand, consider transparency. Not only can it help to create a strong foundation with your readers, it can be leveraged to pave the way for open and honest conversations in every facet of your business. How do you create an “open book” conversation in your business? Tell us in the comments below!


ChavezAbout the Author: Crystal Chavez has been in digital marketing for over 5 years. She’s currently the Marketing Manager for Hivewyre, a FLAT digital ad co-op in Scottsdale, Arizona. By contributing anonymous data about what shoppers browse, Hivewyre co-op members work together to form a powerful data source of what in-market consumers actually want. For more information, visit www.hivewyre.com and follow them on Twitter at @Hivewyre. 

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