A Home Based Business Working Philosophy

There are many ways of working from home at a business that you create and run yourself and they don’t all revolve around the Internet. In fact, most businesses based at home have little or even nothing to do with the Internet! When you think about it, you’ll see where I’m going with this.

Most successful businesses run from home are done by people who for whatever reason found that they could make better money and work hours that suited them better than they could working for a boss in a company. They cover a wide range of trades from home based mechanics, plumbers, electricians, caterers, home decorators, gardeners, roofers, general builders working a home repair business or similar, to B2B professionals such as bookmakers and accountants, lawyers, to fringe health industry professionals such as alternative therapists, dietitians, all manner of counselors etc.

The scope is huge and varied for anyone who has a good qualification or plenty of experience in an area of trade that their services could benefit others in their immediate community. The benefits to the home based business owner and many and varied, as have already been amply illustrated in previous posts here.

Probably the main reason a person decides to work from home at their own business is the freedom it gives them from the corporate rat race that tangles up most people. Its a fairly unique state of mind that sets anyone on this road, because only the smallest minority of people actually succeed at working for themselves, where most find the simplicity and security of working for a company way too comforting to risk giving up for a shot at the unknown.

This sets those of us who do work at home apart from the main workforce in any country. Its a special driving force from within that spurs us on to take the risk and see if the grass is really greener on the other side of the corporate fence. Many of us succeed and enjoy the richer pastures of the home worker’s life, although its not all plain sailing.

As already stated, there are risks involved that can trip up many who enter this trialling arena for the first time and it is wise to learn all you can about working a home based business before rashly quitting your job for what you may see as the better life. Many do exactly that with no backup capital or real knowledge of what they’re getting into other than a fancy promotional advertisement that promised them an easy life with a ton of money for buying into the dream.

Unfortunately, dreaming doesn’t make dollars, hard work does!

When faced with the reality that it usually takes a lot more work to make your own business succeed than it does to work for a boss, many desert the dream and go back to the humdrum of 9 to 5 simply because it is easier. But running your own home business does get easier in time as long as you put in the groundwork to begin with and have the capital to see you through the early lean times, because once your business, whatever it may be, takes off, the dream becomes the reality. And when you are your own boss, you get to take the day off if you want without having to ask anyone!

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