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4 of the most foolish ways to handle debt – USA TODAY

USA TODAY4 of the most foolish ways to handle debtUSA TODAYMost of our debt stems from home mortgage payments, and the outstanding bill for those home loans is around $8 trillion. This accounts for loans on all … If you are in debt, it’s not a good idea to borrow money from family and friends to help you …and more »

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This Basic Practice is What’s Missing From Your WordPress Blog Business Strategy (bloggingpro)

So you’ve acted on your vision and goals and launched your WordPress blog. Your creative juices are flowing, you’re publishing like a mad man, or mad woman, you’re sharing and connecting on social networks and making a name for yourself online. Great job, you’re on your way to the top! You’ve found a formula you […]

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Questions and Answers

Do you know of any business opportunity that you can make money working from home?My wife and I want to start something from scratch. I currently work and cover our bills. But it is not enough. We both realize that we need to start something, something that can make us at least $1500 a month working from home, or anything.
Any ideas?

Posted by ogantom
[display_name id=”1″]THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY
MIA BELLA – I have the perfect home business, selling triple scented candles. The start up cost is a very low price of 39.95. With that you get a sample package valued at 58.95 which includes sample products and your own company website.
With my business I sell natural wax based candles that have virtually no soot and they are triple scented. We have over 100 different scents, so there is one for everyone!
Our team will provide you with the tools, support, and training you need to succeed. Our team can training you on everything from advertisement to make lots of wonderful gifts such as gift baskets, scented bears, votive roses to scented sachet

Any make money job at home or office for 16 yrs. Old?Anyhing besides lemonade stand, or garage sales, even Burger King and stuff. If you can’t think of one, it does not have to be at home or in the office. Thanks !!

Posted by justcurious
[display_name id=”1″]There are a lot of different ways to make money at home. A lot of people get involved with a small business that they run on the side of their jobs or school schedual. Being as your under 18, you’d have to have your parents sign for you. Home based businesses are not difficult to do and they are far less to start up then a traditional business. The income opportunities are incredible. Same opportunity as a traditional business without all the big overhead expenses.
A lot of people find it’s better economically speaking to make money on the side this way, then spending the driving time, gas and the hours and the low pay of a second job. Home based business, you have the opportunity to make as much money as you want, depending on how much effort you put into it. If your going to get a part time job, it’s more Practical to have a business and put the same amount of time and effort as you would a normal job, but get more out of it. Not just the income part of it, but once you start a home based business, just about everything in your home that you use every day becomes a tax write off as well. Things like your telephone, electricity, Gas, Internet, cell phones, auto expenses etc etc.
There are so many different home based business to start up. Things from Child Daycare Centers (you would really need to make this a full time job though), catering, kitchen appliances, Telecommunications, fishing charters ( You’d need to make this a full time job as well), Candle Making, Travel agents, Health etc. Most home based business cost under $500 to start, which should include all your billing, customer service, Inventory, Accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivables, employees, workman’s comp, licensing, etc.
You usually don’t make money the first day you start a business. Just like you don’t bring cash home from a job on your first day. You have to build up your business, no matter what business you get involved in, the more effort you put into it and how hard your willing to work it, will depend on when you start making a sufficient amount of income.
It usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to start making an average income. This is about the same time frame as a pay roll period in a normal job. Then it’s about 4 to 6 weeks to increase that and 3 to 6 months to be self sufficient. If you put the time and effort into it and do what is needed to make your business successful.
Most people start their business on the side of their current careers and build their business. When their business reaches the income level they desire, they put their normal jobs down and continue working out of their homes with the industry that they got involved in. This can take from six months to a year to be able to do. Some people have done it in less, but they put a lot of effort into it.
My wife and I started our home based business over six years ago. We both just work out of our home. We got involved in an International telecommunications service provider that was started back in 1993. It’s a 15 year old, world wide company that’s in numerous countries. It’s the largest direct selling telecommunications service provider in the world. With headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Charlotte, Amsterdam, Sydney and Montreal.
They have been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 rated them the 22nd fastest growing company in revenue in it’s first five years. They are registered with the BBB, and FDSA as well.
They market in services people use every day and pay for anyway. Services like Local and Long Distance telephones, Internet, Digital, video phones, Satellite TV, and all the major cellular phone companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextell, Altell etc with the latest plans and most popular equipment. You help put them on a new 2 year contract plan or upgrading and extending an existing contracts through all the major cellular phone providers. You also help them save money on all their other telecommunication needs as well as Satellite TV. Every single month these people pay their bills, you make a percentage over and over again each month. That’s just one way we make a living off of. There is a lot of other different ways to make money in this industry. This is one idea for you. There are so many different opportunities, but we chose this one because everyone uses some sort of telecommunication service so the demand is higher.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
Working from home!!?Does anyone have any ideas on something I can do to work from home so I can stay home with our daughter? I can do anything! I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t know where to start looking at all. And i don’t want to have to spend lots of money to get started. I’m not selling Avon or Mary Kay either, that’s just not me. HELP!!!

Posted by wildbrowneyedpea
[display_name id=”1″]There are so many different things to do from home to make a sufficient amount of income. You will get a lot of replies to different things different people do themselves to make money. Take a look at each one of them, and you’ll find something that interests you. Pay no attention to people with negative remarks saying things are scams, or what not, because 85% of these comments are false accusations.
I’m not sure what type of income you are looking for. So I’ll give this a shot with a few different ideas. One is home based jobs which only pay minimum waged. Not a sufficient amount of income. If your married and your spouse lives out of the home, pretty much your entire paycheck will be primarily put into their gas tank, I don’t feel this is the right way to go. You’ll have set hours that you need to shove your daughter aside. I don’t think you want to do that. I think your best bet is to start your own home based business. Plenty of them around, with plenty of opportunities to make a sufficient amount of income. One advice I give you from people that are showing you what they do, is Don’t go to blogs because they don’t distinguish if a business is legit, real or not. Blogs are places that negative people go to only to vent their flustrations on something that did not work for them. Usually these people are the ones who did not do what was needed to succeed in business because they didn’t put the time or effort needed to succeed, or do what other’s who “have” succeeded in that particular industry had advised them to do. Same thing with home job opportunities. They didn’t comply with what they were asked to do, they got fired etc. They didn’t follow the advice thoughrly *excuse the spelling, spell check isn’t working for some reason* Anyhow, these blogs people go and post all these negative things that are usually 80% false accusations. They can’t fess up to the fact of the real reason why they failed in business or were fired from a job. Instead of standing up and admitting to what they really did or did not do, they try and pass the buck onto someone or something else to try and justify their failure. Basically to make them feel better and luer people away from what could of been a big time opportunity for them to do something with their lives. That’s what blogs are basically about. So when searching for a business for yourself, a job or whatever, look for yourself, not anyone else’s. Talk to the people who are involved in the company “now” not then. The ones involved then and not now are failures that are only going to give you negative feed back and take it away from you. Which isn’t right. You need to be a leader not a follower. If your a follower of negative impact, your going to fail! That’s not what you want to do. Businesses take time to build. The average time to build a business is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Depending on how much work and effort you put into it. Most people quit under 3, because they gave up on what they could of had because the income wasn’t what they wanted it to be. Instead of working their business and acheive what they wanted in whatever time frame it took, they throw there hands up in the air and quit, or get too much negative feed back from others just out to destroy their dream, then they quit and turn around and go along with what everyone else says and call it a scam or a fake or whatever. Don’t let these people pull you into their lifestyle. They’re unhappy people who didn’t have what it took to succeed, not did they take the time and real effort into “building” a business, or completed the tasks in their home jobs. Okay, my book is over… The End LOL
Anyway, your best bet in making a sufficient amount of income is to have your own home based business. So Avon and Mary Kay isn’t for you. That’s perfectly okay, there are a ton of other types of home based businesses to take a look at. Go through each response you get. Talk to the people sending them, find what interests you most and go from there.
Aside from the postings you have already received and probably will receive more, I created a blog on my 360 page on home based business opportunities. There are over half a dozen different ones to take a look at. Your more then welcome to go through them and contact each person who wrote them. Get a feel for the businesses that they’re involved in and find one that you can do. Home based businesses are designed for parents, you shouldn’t have to shove your daughter aside to complete work. Their desinged to have them with you, including trainings that are available for people who are learning the industries. Etc.
Anyhow, I’m a home based business owner myself. Have been for many years. I have four children and both my husband and I are part of their daily lives and activities. So it’s, from my experience an incredible business opportunity that my kids love being involved in as well. If I had of listend to all the people saying home based businesses are scams, we wouldn’t be where we are today and have the things we have to day and be able to do the things we can today. So, yeah, if I were you, look into home based business opportunities, there’s one that will suit you.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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