How Email List Hygiene Leads to a 308% Increase in CTR

Thanks to email list hygiene, that’s exactly what Vemma Europe’s results were. Not only that, their open rates increased by 120% as well! Which precisely why you should be managing your email list hygiene.It’s simple. Clients come and go. Some of them stay loyal while others become less interested in your offer and eventually become inactive. Continuing to endlessly contact them and trying to sell was never going to work out. Some marketers, however, need more convincing. Luckily, it’s easier to lead by an example. Here’s your chance to learn how an international company named Vemma Europe managed to increase their open and click-thru rates simply by managing their email list properly.



Vemma Europe is known for trying out new approaches and taking ‘risks’ other marketers wouldn’t even consider. As you may recall, we’ve actually done a case study with them and worked together on an interesting email marketing campaigns that used personalization and generated an astonishing 73% Unique Open Rate.

This time however, they have stumbled upon a different challenge, which Konrad Pozorski, an Email Marketing Specialist from Vemma Europe cared to share with us:

The Senior Management decided to close some client accounts due to their lack of activity in the past 6 months. This meant that we, the Marketing Team, had to take additional steps to update the target groups and adjust our communication. 

Normally the CRM system would automatically send requests to the GetResponse API to update the subscribers data. This time however, the number of queries turned out to be too overwhelming (more than 140k!) and even though the clients’ email addresses have been cleared in the system, this wasn’t automatically reflected in our email marketing list.

As a Marketing Team we stood in front of a new challenge: manually clearing recipients to make sure that the communication we’re sending stays relevant so that we can focus on clients that are truly interested in what we have to offer. 



Using the GetResponse export feature Vemma Europes’s Marketing Team was able to export their entire client list into an excel sheet, which they could manually analyze and compare with the data stored in their system.

Fortunately, we always store our Clients’ ID in one of the GetResponse custom fields. This way we could pair those results with data from our system, and so we were able to update the status for all contacts.

In that moment, another challenge appeared. Having carefully analyzed the clients’ details, the team have found that “some” (about 5.000) of them have changed their email addresses so there was a slight mismatch between the data in both systems.

Since in GetResponse email addresses across the different campaigns have unique IDs they’ve decided to take the following 3 steps:

  1. Match Clients with updated emails by ID in order to transfer all custom fields using an excel formula (again, this was possible only because we hold our clients’ ID in GetResponse custom fields)
  2. Import new emails with all custom fields copied from “old” records to our subscribers list
  3. Delete the “old” records in GetResponse

Which they’ve summed up with:

Thank you, Excel, you’re an email marketer’s little helper

So after all, the Vemma Europe Marketing Team managed to update all the necessary data. The process involved comparing and updating recipients lists, their statuses, and email addresses for various Client IDs



Having run and carefully monitored email marketing campaigns for a couple of weeks, the Vemma Europe Marketing Team generated a report that managed to clear any existing doubts about whether the decision was right. After all, nobody wants to say goodbye to his or her email list, right? Wrong. And their amazing results are here to back this theory up.

We’ve analyzed the results for all of our international markets. In some, like Italy, we managed to increase the Open Rate for our marketing communication up to an astonishing 71% and the Click-Through Rate to a remarkable 13.25%!

You should note that an average results for vitamin and supplement industry are 17.12% and 2.11% for open rates and CTR respectively. This puts the Vemma Europe results into an entirely different perspective.

The overall results throughout the European markets were great as well.
The average Open and Click-Through Rate of the newsletter that we’ve sent was 47% and 6% respectively. That’s one of the greatest results we have ever noticed.

That means we increased our Open Rate by 124%, and CTR by 308%. These are the kind of stats every on-line marketer loves :). 

It is worth mentioning, that the message that generated such results for Vemma Europe was their cyclic newsletter, which they send to their subscribers on a regular basis. Konrad Pozorski, Email Marketing Specialist for Vemma Europe sums up the experience in the following words:

This proves that tailored, great designed, and excellent written messages, sent to those willing to receive and engage with content, is what generates great effects.


Summing it up

This experience from Vemma Europe has taught us a few interesting things. One of them being that you should always, by all means, keep your recipients list clean, active, and engaged.

And you don’t need some advanced criteria to do that. In our case we only took the order activity under consideration and it was enough to raise our statistics to a cosmic level.

And how many subscribers we were left with – You may ask? Well, about 30%.

30%! Are you saying that I should get rid of 70% of my subscribers? Yes, If they do not want to interact with you! Yes, if they do not want to buy from you! And No! Because instead of getting rid of them, you just need to put them on a separate list. Based on your business, you can still contact them later with a separate re-activating communication. 

For example:

  • You may tell them how much you missed them
  • You may tell them that unfortunately you need to say goodbye to them, because of their inactivity. Unless…
  • You may offer them some extra incentives in exchange for…
  • You may prepare a special offer/discount to bring them back

So what do you think about this email marketing campaign? Was it risky? Yes. Was it challenging? Yes. Was it worth it? We’re pretty confident the Vemma Europe Team would say “Yes” again.

Have you got any similar experiences yourself? Thinking of reactivating your subscribers? Share your thoughts in the comments with the rest of the readers. 

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