How to Collect Emails When You Are in a Boring Niche

As for any online business, it is important to determine how to get their users to sign up for emails. This is how businesses get a chance to reconnect and build a better level of engagement with their audience. It all sounds great, but there are two major problems here, I would like to discuss.

  1. Visitors and customers usually do not easily share their emails, unless they feel like they should.
  2. According to a research, your email marketing database will degrade by about 22.5% every year.

If you keep the above problems in mind, your mission will include maintaining the current list, as well as making sure the users are happy. You would additionally have to invest in ideas that can help you get new targeted users subscribe to your email.

The difficulty level increases to double when you are working in a boring niche like Industrial and workplace supplies. Unfortunately, there is not a huge community available online when you talk about workplace supplies. People in need of these will often pick up their phones instead of writing in forums.

When you are in a situation like this, collecting emails from your target audience is difficult and you have to try and apply different ideas instead of the common ones like “Create Remarkable content”, “promote a contest” or more. I am not saying these ideas are bad, but they work well for busy niches like home improvement, digital marketing or technology. For a niche like workplace supply, you need to go the extra mile and work on ideas that actually pick the right kind of audience and encourage them to subscribe to your email.

Here are the 6 Ideas I came up with for working in a specific niche like ours at Workplace Depot.


1. Discount Upon Subscription

Online customers especially in the boring niches are tough! They know why they are on the website and their buying cycle usually includes: selection of product, price comparison, getting into the privacy, and return policy and more. These people are well informed about the product and in most cases, they don’t usually get excited by interesting content only. They want much more than just that.

I like the idea of giving them what they are ideally looking for in your website and on top of it, ask them to subscribe! Offer them a discount, if they are ready to subscribe to your email list. The reason this idea will work is because the only thing a well-informed customer will look for in a particular website is a discount, so if you can provide what they are looking for, it can be a win-win situation for your customer as well as for you.


You can place the pop-up or a text above the subscription box on your website that says: “Upon subscription, you will get a discount code”. Once they enter their email, you can send them a confirmation email with a discount code attached to it.


2. Alumni Special Discount

You can use this idea by keeping your targeted audience in mind and you can always alter it a bit based on your personal research. The reason why alumni are our target audience is because many of them chose to peruse entrepreneurship which makes them our potential customers.

After graduation, most of them are usually connecting to each other via alumni websites or a university website. We offer alumni and staff all sorts of special discounts applicable to universities. This helped us in multiple ways, which includes email subscription, a link to an .edu website, more targeted traffic from referral traffic and more.


When targeted audiences enter in to the website from these trusted websites, chances of conversion increases largely, plus they are more convinced about subscribing to the email list.


3. Adding A Link In The Employee’s Email Signature

This might not work well in the busy niches where a purchase usually does not contain email or phone communication unless there is a problem with the buying process or the product itself. When you are in the boring niches, however, chances are you will see less orders but the order value will be remarkably higher.

Imagine the value of an order, if you are buying office furniture for your new office. Usually these kind of orders don’t go the same way you buy a shirt or a pair of shoes online. They usually contain a couple of email exchanges and phone calls.

These email communications are amazing and if you can include a link to email subscribe within the email of the employee who is dealing with the clients, you will not only get more subscribers but you will get the most quality subscribers in your list.

The reason why these clients are quality is because they already know who you are and they are pretty much convinced with your business at the moment.


With all the social media and other buttons, we can always include the email subscription button within the email.


4. Length Of Your Subscribe Form

This is a simple logic and it is not only limited to the subscription form but any kind of form you use where user interaction is necessary. The idea is to keep it short in order to get more fill-ups. In the subscribe form the most important data you need is their name and email. The other things are additional and not always needed.

The idea is not to irritate clients by asking a lot of personal information. This may have the opposite effect and can make them bounce from the page. Instead, ask them for the email and name and send them a confirmation email accordingly.


I personally love this subscription bar by Many Contacts as it does not irritate much and asks for the email only, whereas the technology they are using gives much more information than just an email address. It provides you user’s conversion page URL, the source they use to enter in to the website, their number of visits on the website, name, social media information and much more.

If you are going to use this bar, chances are you will have more targeted audience in your email list without putting much effort in to it.


5. Re-Targeting

Retargeting is one of the most common ideas that almost every brand is using these days for product promotion. Actually, retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web.

If you are in the boring niche you would have to follow the same process. Most people use retargeting to call in their potential customers again so that they can complete their perchance cycle, where as you want users to come back again to your website and subscribe to your email list.


If you follow the tight retargeting techniques, chances are you will not only massively increase your email list but the ROI of that email marketing list will be much higher as compared to others.


6. Offline Events

No rocket science but the idea came to my mind for the first time when I was shopping in the mall and there was a BTL of PEPSI running. They were asking people different question related to soccer, at the end of the activity, they were asking people to share their information. There was nothing new in the form other than question that says “would you like to receive our promotional emails?” along with a dialog box that encourages them to drop their email addresses.

Moral of the story is: it’s important that if we do it, we do it the right way. One of the biggest advantage a business will get is the improved and targeted email list that allows them to later communicate and share love with their existing and potential customers.


The idea we used at our company was to carry out a charity campaign to receive additional email subscribers, through an offline survey form (using the same technique as discussed above) we get the email addresses of potential customers, now it’s time for us to enter it into software like GetResponse and start sending them email and collect data accordingly.

These are some of the ideas that work for our website but as these are ideas and not formulas we should keep on trying new things as well as scale the performance the new techniques we are implementing to continuously optimize the email collection process.

On the other hand try not to send too many emails that irritate your audience and make them opt out. Remember, you not only have to increase the list but you have to make sure that the people who are receiving emails are also happy.

In a boring niche? Think out of the box and use different tactics to let the audience subscribe to your email list. And remember to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


About the author: Moosa Hemani is a blogger who normally writes about SEO and digital marketing related topics on his blog and on other giant blogs on the Internet.

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