How to Earn Extra Money From Home

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Genuine suggestions for earning extra money working from home?Hi, I work upto 35 hours a week however, i live on my own in a rented flat, i pay alot out on my own with not much left at the end of it!! I have done bar work for years as a 2nd job but i am unable to stand up for 8 hrs without a sit down because of my bad back – therefore, to top up my main income, i would like to do something extra from home – im articulate, creative and can put my mind to anything – Any suggestions please?
Thank you to those who responded.. I should have put within the UK and including offline companies -piecework perhaps.

Posted by ilove_2dance77
[display_name id=”1″]You should try to avoid work at home jobs where you have to pay a joining fee. If you are interested in more information on working from home and my personal experience please click on my picture/photo to view my profile or send me an email.

What can I do to earn extra money? Work at home?Before anyone starts judging or saying, “GO GET A JOB!” im going to explain what my situation is.
I was recently in a Temp to Hire position with a law firm. I was filling in for a maternity leave and the firm was hoping to keep me. But once she came back, they realized that they had no place to move her, which means they had no place to put me.
So now im stuck at home, I just got my last paycheck, and im stranded with nothing in my near future. Im going crazy with all the worries I have of bills and money to make it through.
Does anyone know of a work at home job or a way that I can make some extra money?
My husband works a full time job and, thank god, he has kept this job for 3 years already.
Im the only one in a roller-coaster ride with these temp jobs.

Posted by steph_pete1329
[display_name id=”1″]Have you considered direct sales? The flexibility is great, so if you find something full time or part time elsewhere, you can still keep your business. As for the money, most companies have great commission plans. It’s not a “get rich quick” kind of thing, but you can make some money fairly quickly. Take a look a several, find something you would enjoy using yourself. When you love the product, selling it is really easy. Good luck in your search! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Does anyone know a legitimate way to earn extra money at home?

Posted by Michelle A
[display_name id=”1″]Hi Michelle,

Nice day to you.

Why not you consider to start your own website and start doing your own Internet Home Business.

This is the best way for you to avoid from scams.

To start a Internet Business for your own is not a hard job as what you think.

I’ll divide my answers into few section. Wish this answers can give you some reveals how to start your own online business and bring you to success.

Answer 1
Do you have any ideas in what kind of products or services you are going to sell for your online business?

My suggestion is, find somethings you are really interesting with it and you can pay fully passion with it. Otherwise you will give up very very soon. Many successful internet millionaires start their online business with their own interest.

-Sport website – they love football, NBA, Formula One, etc.
-Travelling hot spots website – they love travelling.
-Food recipe website – they love cooking.
-Entertainment website – they love music, movies, idols.
-Pets website – they love animals.
-Loves website – they are experts in dating.
And many more.

Start today, think what you are really interesting in?

Answer 2
Make sure the products or services you are going to sell with an existing huge market. Do the market research before you start your business. A business won’t make money even he has a perfect product or service but there are no market require for that product or service.

There are many low cost online softwares can help you to determine whether your business with an existing hungry market or not.

Answer 3
Create a website.There are many online experts can help you to build up a business website just within 1-2 weeks time. You no need to know anything about web design or programming.

Just let them know what kind of business you wish to start up, they will help you to create all the business features and tools on your website and make it looks professional.

Answer 4
Now you have a best product to sell but your business still can not earn money if you don’t have a good marketing strategy. Takes a look at McDonald. McDonald is not selling the best burger in the world, but he own the most franchises all around the world. His successful secret is applying an excellent strategy into his business but not selling the best burger in the world.Get the online supporting team to consult your business step by step to success.

Wish this opinions can help you.

Wishing you success.

P.s : I have to make my explanation in short summarize here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you be willing, you can read my real story and experience in how do I start my own internet home business and use it to earn money for me. Feel free to email me a blank mail with the subject “Real Story”. I will share the story with you.

Kindest Regards,

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