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Ideas for making pocket money?

Im a teen and always seem to be broke
i hate doing the dishes so please don't suggest i do housework!
Any business ideas?

Posted by mullsie
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There are only two ways to make money … Sell products or provide services. With that in mind, it's important to brainstorm your talents and passions to create a business of your own that will use your skills wisely. Oh, sure, you've heard about babysitting and paper routes and starting a yard service. Those aren't bad ideas but those may not be what you're into. What are you into??? If you know a subject well, you can teach or develop a newsletter about it. People always want to learn things especially things that will save them time, save them money, or make them money. You could sell products and I recommend products that people either want or need … Video games, non-toxic cleaning products, food, energy light bulbs or programmable thermostats, etc. Check out your local newspaper for trends. Once you find a need and fill it with a quality product or service, it's time to get the word out by being the "go to" person on the industry. Network with others. Know your competitors and potential customers. Develop a mailing list. Make phone calls or visit people to talk about their problems and your solutions. Advertising effectively. Donate time and money to charity to get your name out there. Write articles and press releases on your business and your missions. Check out Junior Achievements (link below). Check out the library for the various books written for teens and tweens on businesses. Realize that some huge corporations started at home like Coca Cola, Lillian Vernon, Dell Computers, Ebay, Microsoft, etc. Make sure you research how to start a legal business with licenses, permits, tax ids, etc. You'll get sweet tax deductions that can pay for alot of your business costs even if your business doesn't turn a profit for 2 years. Don't let your age be a hinderance. Check out books like "Fast Cash for Kids" or "Prepare to be a Teen Millionaire"

GOOD UNIQUE money making fundraising ideas?!?!?

I need 1200 dollars by spring. Which is A LOT for a 14 year old girl to get, i mean $50 is a lot for me. I need 400 for band camp & 800 for a school trip to Boston. My parents are paying for half the Boston Trip which is originally 1600. But theres scholarships & stuff available for both so im gonn try to get some of those. I need some good money making ideas that actualy work. Not the stuff you read about in books, ideas that ACTUALY work!! & that are fairly cheap to do….please help me:(

thanks yous!!

Posted by X.S
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Try by getting a free fundraising kit from various websites. It's a great way to learn more about the fundraising options they offer. With the right information and the right tools they can help you make your next fundraiser a success.

All fundraising groups are going to have to sell their items to generate money. Everyone starts with selling to mom and dad then moves on to friends. The more successful the campaign means the more people you will actually have to talk to. Here are a collection of sales tips you can use to help you while you are raising funds.

– Have fun and enjoy what you are doing. It is not necessary to have a canned speech and perform it by memory. You can talk to people and have fun with your campaign, the donors will pick up on this and sales will increase.
– Be honest while making the rounds for sales. You are a representative of your school group.
– People do not want to be told what to do. Your job is to make people feel good about donating to your school group.
– When you get a no, don’t take it personally. The donors are not saying they don’t like you; they just may not care for the product or have the money available at the time.
– For people who are nervous about selling a little preparation is key. By practicing your sales talk it will bring confidence. Again the goal is not to recite something word for word but to talk about your fundraising campaign with confidence. It might sound a little funny but try role-playing if selling is an issue with you. Spend time with people rehearsing just talking and getting past an objection or two.
– Avoid hard selling. There is no need to be pushy while fundraising. People like to help out and also enjoy buying. You may even be able to offer them the chance to show up to school to check out the new equipment, or the new uniforms for the baseball team. By being friendly and a good representative you just might pick up new volunteers along the way.
– If possible get a booth or a table in a high traffic area. Places like malls or local events. This will get you lots of traffic and potential donors that you can approach.

These sales tips are good for whatever sales you might find yourself in. You might even consider these tips good advice for talking to people and relating. Remember interacting with people will serve you better than just about any learned skill taught. A little preparation with these tips will insure that your fundraising campaign is both fun and profitable.

Money making/saving tips and ideas???

I really need to save for a house deposit…i've put loads on ebay already! What else can i do?

No job – so job ideas i can work around university/holidays?
My only outgoings are – mobile bill on lowest tariff and petrol to commute to uni and drive bout.

I've got 12 months to save as much as possible and need any ideas! I've got 3k so don't know the best place to invest that?

So i need job ideas suiting my circumstances, where to invest money and any other money making ideas or tips?

Posted by sParKy
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I take it that you are in College from your description. Thus, I recommend finding something that is related to the career you are pursuing. You may not make as much money now. But, it will increase your chances in getting a better salary after you leave college.

When you hire on with a company negotiate as much as possible. Ask for things like moving expenses, sign-on bonuses, tuition repayment, etc. The sign-on bonus is great way to make some capital after college.

As far as trying to save enough for a home. Well, it will take more than just a good down payment. The mortgage companies will want to see that you have been working somewhere for at least two years. You can possibly avoid this by having your parents or someone who trusts you sign as a second guarantor on the loan.

Also, if this is your first home you can qualify for a first time home buyer rate. Typically, the rate on a first time home is around 3-5%. So 3k would almost be enough.

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