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Business Ideas?I am 13 years old, but am very grown up for my age.

I am looking for some kind of entrepreneurial business idea.

I don’t want a quick 10 minute job, I would like a strong business idea that will help me earn a bit of money. I need an good idea, not a job.

I will consider anything, and please don’t think because of my age I am too young to understand or carry-out things, I a have a very grown-up mind, and will consider even the most complicated of idea.

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[display_name id=”1″]Think about “value denials”.
For example, shopping in a supermarket can be very exhausting for an older person. For a pound, offer to push the trolley, pick the goods, pack the bags and carry them to the car or bus stop for someone.
Many office workers have to queue for ages to buy their lunches at Greggs or a similar shop. Go into an office, get everyone’s order, get it made up at the shop and delivered to people’s desks in time for the lunch break to start. They get lunch on time without wasting precious minutes in a queue and people will pay you say 25 pence per person for every order you fetch.

Look at everything where value is being denied people for money-making ideas. How about offering to organise people’s iPods with great playlists? How about selling school friends cheats at computer games. How about getting newsagents to give you old comics that have gone past their date and renting them out to your pals?

Go on, son. Start now and you’ll be a millionaire by the age of 25. Good luck.

Making money ideas ?!?I need some extra cash this summer, but i dont have time for a job ! I really need ideas to make some quick cash. HELP !

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[display_name id=”1″]Make babysitting flyers using the computer and put them in the library, people’s mailboxes, and grocery stores.

Drum up more business and keep a notebook to schedule when you do get a customer.

Culver’s minimum hiring age is 14 with a workers permit.

I called many stores because I am 14 looking for a job. This was the response they gave which makes me happy after looking for so long.

Find a local one go online and apply and go in store to apply or call and ask if they are hiring.

What I did was Google a bunch of business near my home and found their numbers using Google maps or their sites and I called and directly asked if they are hiring and what age do they hire at.

Try local grocery stores, pizza parlors, retail stores, fast food restaurants.

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