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WoW quick money making tips?

I really need to make some money on world of Warcraft. I'm a level 84 DK and I don't even have 4k G to buy artisan flying. I'm really close, but I also want to buy guild rewards which are really expensive too. I heard buying items off the AH and disenchantening them and selling the "mats" (I don't know what that means) makes good money but idk how. Also, i took up mining a while back and installed the gathermate addon, and i have 75 mining but i got bored with it. Should i continue mining? Please help, thanks.

Posted by The Vanilla Killa
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Well if you have no money then your best bet is mining, easily.

Farm some Copper and Tin Ore. Or if you're lazy you can probably do it with just Copper, however Bronze Bars are far more profitable.

Here's a website that shows you the best routes to take for farming Mining Mat's: Http://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides…

3-5 stacks (60-100 Ore) of each type of Ore should be enough to get started. Smelt them all together into Bronze bars and stick them in the Auction House.

Once they've all sold and made some money you can stop actually going out and mining. This next bit is the easy part, although it can get a little tedious.

Now that you have some gold you can start to buy Ore on the Auction House. Compare the price of Ores to Bars on the Auction House and if they Ores are cheaper than the Bars, then buy the Ore, smelt it and sell it.Because Bronze uses both Copper and Tin Bar's you can mix and match between Ores and Bars as long as they are cheaper than Bronze Bars.

While smelting the Bronze Bars you can and eventually will be able to smelt Iron. It is possible to simply smelt Ore up to 525. So when you are able to smelt a new type of bar you can also check it's own Ore/ Bar profit and smelt those too.

I often find after a while Mithril, Thorium and Cobalt are typically the most profitable when it comes to smelting and as such should be the first Ores/ Bars you check when available.

Aslong as you try to everyday during prime time (3-8pm I find are the best times for listing Auctions) list you Bars you should be well on your way to making money.

While this depends entirely upon your server's own economy, I find that once you've hit 12-15K you can afford to level Enchanting or Jewelcrafting which are the two most profitable professions.

How do i make money really quick? ..i will love you forever.?

I'm 15 living with parents (ovbiously) and i want to make money really quick.

I'm hoping to get a summer job or part time but i don't know where to start, any tips on what job or what i should do?

I do extra jobs around the house but my mom does most of the things?

I go out with my friends so buy lots of outfits and lastest makeup etc.

Do you have any tips on how to make money real quick?


Posted by Tweedle dee
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At 15, making money is not really quick but there are things you can do: Babysitting which now pays between five and ten dollars an hour. Bagging at the local market which pays a small salary. For the summer, you can be a mother's helper and make a couple of hundred dollars a week for full-time work. Do it where there is a pool and it is a paid vacation with little brothers and sisters!

Best of luck to you. I'm a guy and when I was 15, I mowed lawns for people in the summer and made a lot because I worked a lot.

What is a quick way to get money?

Im 12 years old and I REALLY want the Ipod Touch (8th generation) but I NEED money! I only have $35 bucks but I need ALOT MORE!!! Any tips? My mom said no allowance?

Posted by Katie
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