Top 4 Free Strategies to Build Your Email List with 1000 People

Do you think building an email list is very hard, complicated, or expensive? Do you feel like you need to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to build your email list? Or, buy expensive webinar software? Or hire people to produce video for your YouTube channel?

Think you need to spend tons of money to create or get your opt-in professionally designed? Or, perhaps you fear you’ll have to spend hours creating content, going to networking events, or building relationships with the influencers.

Let me tell you something, all of these strategies work. There are more. In fact, there are a hundred different ways to build your email list. However, the question you should be asking yourself is, how will you pay to get traffic and convert them. Time or money?

Allow me to explain.

In order to build your email list, you need to send traffic (people) to a landing page and offer a freebie. This is the standard practice, nothing wrong with that. What you need to find out is whether you are going to pay for this traffic with money, or with time (Because there is no such thing as free traffic, you either invest money or time).

So think about the stage your business is in. Are you completely new to business with no products, services or a list? Or maybe you have been in business for a few years, or moving your real-life business to online, have a few hundred people on your list and can afford to invest in paid traffic?

If you are starting for scratch, you don’t have to make list building a complicated or expensive process. And this is precisely why I am going to tell you my top 4 strategies that you can start using today to build your list for free.


#1 Facebook Groups

As Facebook groups are becoming more and more popular, they are also becoming hubs of business networking. You can start your own Facebook group and build a thriving community. Some of the people in your group will become your biggest fans and advocates and generate great word of mouth for you.

But first let’s look at how Facebook groups are different from Facebook pages. Facebook pages are maintained by brands, celebrities, and public figures and anyone can see all the activity and become a fan by liking the page.

Closed or private Facebook groups are much more intimate than a business page where people come together to share opinions on a common topic. People have to join to see the content and need an invitation to do so. Other members can also invite people to join but may need a moderator to approve.

Members can start threads of their own, which they can’t do on a business page. In fact, there are no threads on a business page, just a stream of posts. People engaging are acting like ‘fans’ as opposed to the members of your Facebook group who feel like a group of insiders. When people engage with the content in a group, their Facebook friends won’t see their activity unless they are a member also.

All the members are listed and can be seen by others. They can also send each other messages. Members can also upload images and other documents listed under ‘files’ section.

In order for your group to be successful, you need to take an active role in building this group. You need to behave as a leader, start conversations, reply to people, and remove spammers or inappropriate threads. You also need to set rules for your group. Would you allow self-promotion? If so, how often? Would you allow third-party links? You need to think about these things so people feel safe and welcome in your community.

As a business owner, you might want to break news in your group first, make special offers and generally have a closer relationship with the members. So how do you use your own Facebook group to build your list? Promote your Facebook group. You can promote this in other groups, on your webinars, even to your own list to make the connection stronger.

Lastly, become a part of other Facebook groups. Look for groups of interest and where your ideal client or customer would hang out. Join and be of service, help people with their questions and link to useful blog posts. People will start tagging you and seeking you out. You will build your list organically.

Promote occasionally. That’s fine.


#2 Webinars

Do you know the two biggest webinar blocks – things that are stopping you from presenting a webinar? Cost and technology.

People think that holding webinars are expensive. That technology costs a lot and it is hard to figure out. Not true. The free option for webinars is simply using google hangouts and embedding a link on a page on your website to send people to. However, there are inexpensive options as well. You can buy plugins for once off cost, with or without yearly updates.

If you are not very techy, you can hire someone to walk you through the entire process. There are people who will provide a service to set up everything for you and even sit on the webinar for a glitch free experience. You might doing this once or twice or until you are confident presenting on your own.

Once you create your webinar sign up page using your webinar software features or other option such as Leadpages. Start with a bold headline that promises a clear benefit of attending your webinar and speaks directly to your audience’s pain points.

Include a few teaser bullets to sell you on the importance of attending it. Finally ask for them to sign up. Make sure you tell people they will receive the recording if they can’t turn up live (due to time differences or other commitments) but they will need to sign up for that.

Now it’s time to promote your webinar. Promote to your own list and ask them to share. Promote on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram. Share in Facebook groups.

Check out this post I wrote earlier. It’s called 10 Simple Actions to Make Your First Webinar a Success. You’ll learn everything to do just that.


#3 Periscope

What is Periscope? Don’t be disheartened if you don’t know what Periscope is. Periscope is an app (for Andriod and iphone, both) that is causing a big stir in social media. It only came out a few months back and it has already getting people very excited.

Periscope is basically a live video streaming app, and the beauty of this app is that it is free, and you don’t need any fancy equipment or a crew to get started. In fact, the thing that people are loving about Periscope is how real it is. You don’t even need to put makeup on (if you are a girl), just turn it on and interact with people showing up live.

Live, real-time interaction is the best part of Periscope. So you hop on and start broadcasting. You will see people join your live broadcast and they will be able to leave comments, give you ‘hearts’ by tapping on their screen and also share your broadcast with their followers or on Twitter.

This strategy is for you if you are a natural on camera. If you already record videos or if you are a podcaster. Your personality will shine here and attract followers to you.

So how do you use Periscope to build your email list? Well, just like any other platform, you have to give highly useful content. So start by planning your scopes. It is perfectly fine to talk about business as well as your personal life. In fact, people want to know more about you, so show them that you are human too.

Periscope is great for building trust. If you have a lively personality, people get a sense of you instantly and like you. But don’t leave it at that, ask people to join your email list.

Because Periscope is so new, there aren’t many analytics or stats available so try sending people to a specific page to track your numbers. Mention your opt-in link a few times or ask people to type in the chat box. Write the URL on a post-it or a piece of paper and hold it up for people to see or take screenshots of.

Add your sign up link (starting with http://..) to your Periscope bio as it becomes clickable when people catch your replay on the web. The connection building aspect of this platform is like no other. The informal and off the cuff nature is what makes it so special and people will check you out and visit your website if they like you. Definitely worth looking into.

Check out this post I wrote earlier which talks about all things Periscope.


#4 Guest Blogging

I built my business on the back of guest blogging. I built my first 3,000 subscribers solely from blogging on the leading blogs in my industry. Sure, it took me time but didn’t cost a cent. I have helped clients build highly responsive email lists with guest blogging, so saying I am a huge advocate is a bit of an understatement.

The people who join your list as a result of reading your content on an authority site tend to be highly superior quality leads. They have already consumed your content, came over to your website to check you out, like what they see and sign up.

Here is a post that I wrote earlier that will teach you how to create a highly effective guest blogging strategy for business. It’s called How to Guest Blog for Business in 10 Steps and I highly recommend you check it out.

Make sure you choose your guest blog topic wisely. You want to choose something that will be useful to the host blogger’s audience but also highlights your expertise and what you have to offer on your blog. This way when people decide to come over and check you out, they find your content interesting. They don’t leave because what you talk about doesn’t interest them.

Make full use of your byline. Normally you are not allowed to link to your offerings or your within the body of the body of the blog post itself, but you will have your author bio published after your post.

Say what you do and include a link to your opt-in offer. Don’t forget to say what it is because it is super unimportant and will entice the right person into clicking. Don’t take them to your home page otherwise they won’t know where to look and what to do next.

Link to your squeeze page which highlights the benefits of signing up to your list. Don’t ask for too many details. Don’t make your visitors jump through any hoops. They are here, they are keen, make it easy for them. Give them a clear call to action.


#5 Get Response List Building Program

I’m also going to give you one more bonus strategy. Join the Get Response List building Program and attract up to 10,000 subscribers – for free. You can either achieve this goal in 90 days by investing a few hours or 180 days by investing 1.5 hour per day.

If you are not a Get Response member yet, they have a great 30-day free trial offer so do check it out.

There you have it. What is your favourite free list building strategy? Leave a comment and let us know.

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